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The Calabasas High School Music Boosters auction is now open!!

Auction Items include: Parking spot in the CHS Faculty Lot (2016-2017 school year), vacation packages, spa treatments, music collectibles AND tickets to a Journey/Santana concert!


To bid, simply click on the following:


The Auction runs until 5/1/16 (Sunday) with All proceeds going to support the amazing music program at Calabasas High School. 

Forward this info to friends/family far and wide - Anyone can bid!


Also, the CHS Music Opportunity Drawing is on May 26 at the Music Finale Concert.  Prizes include:  iPad Mini, Pebble Smart Watch, FitBit Charge and Samsung Galaxy Tablet.  Tickets only $5.00!  Find your favorite Music student and buy a ticket now!


Make your bid to support Calabasas High School Music!

IF YOU ARE A CHS MUSIC FAMILY, you should have received a packet of information about our Spring Fundraiser from your student this week, which outlines the three ways that you, your family, business or friends can support the CHS Music Program.


1.   The Online Auction - you, your friends and family can ALL bid for our amazing selection of auction items.  Simply go to to see the amazing selection of items – Parking spot in the CHS Faculty Lot for 2016-2017, vacation packages, spa treatments, music collectibles AND tickets to a Journey/Santana concert at the Forum!  Send the link to friends and family, near and far!


2.   Opportunity Drawing - Two packs of tickets were sent home with your student.  Tickets sell for $5.00 each.  The drawing is Thursday, May 26 at the Finale Concert.  Prizes are:  iPad Mini, Pebble Smart Watch, FitBit Charge and Samsung Galaxy Tablet.  NEW:  The Sellers of the winning tickets also receive $50 gift cards!  Turn in ticket stubs (filled in) with checks (no cash) to the box in music room.  Then pick up more packets and sell more tickets!  Organized sale days will be May 7 and May 21 – more info to follow.


3.   Consider becoming a Music Sponsor, OR Ask your favorite business to sponsor CHS Music!  As a Thank You, Sponsors will receive tickets to concerts and their name will be listed on our website and in the programs for all concerts next year.  We will take donations of any amount, but name sponsorships start at $500.


Thank you again for supporting your student’s journey in music.  Please contact me or our Chairs - Stephanie Williams, 818-312-0796, and Joanne Littman, 818-974-1457, both at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .




Deborah Scott

CHS Music Boosters

CHECK BACK OFTEN as we are adding new items! including bottles of wine, housewares, books and more!


The Auction closes 5/1/16 at 8:59 p.m. PST

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Savannah Swing Festival - Jazz Band Trip 

(Mar 29 - Apr 2) 

Day 1 (Tues. Mar 29) and Day 2 (Wed. Mar 30)

After a LONG first day of travel, the Jazz kids made it to Savannah, GA for the Swing Central Jazz competition (click HERE for more information).  

The actual event opened with the professional clinicians performing a special concert to get us in the mood.  Then we broke into workshops and clinics with the professionals critiquing the bands and providing advice.  

After a walking tour of downtown Savannah we finished the day with a Southern buffet dinner at Paula Dean's restaurant, Lady and Sons.  (great southern "comfort" food!)

Lots of walking on this first day (24,000 steps by one Fitbit) but they are all troupers!

The competition day is on Friday, April 1, with all 12 finalist jazz bands performing starting at 4am pacific time (7am eastern time), with our CHS Jazz A Band scheduled to perform at 5:55am pacific time.   

Please watch their performance, live, on Friday morning, via the following live stream/link:

Following are some of the pictures from the trip:

View the embedded image gallery online at:

Day 3 (Thurs. Mar 31) and Day 4 (Fri. Apr 1)

On Thursday in Savannah, we had more time with amazing musicians in workshops and clinics. 

Then each band played informal sets on a riverfront stage with parents and tourists watching. 

That night we watched a combo with amazing professional musicians:

  • Marcus Roberts- piano
  • Jason Marsalis - drums
  • Steven Riley - tenor sax
  • Rodney Jordan - bass
  • Terrell stafford - trumpet 

These are some of the same incredible musicians who instructed our kids in clinics!!

The next day, Friday, we listened to all 12 Finalist Bands play in the Savannah Swing Competition.  Our Jazz A band was amazing, as were the other bands.  We hope many parents tuned in to the live streaming of their performance!

Although our kids did not place in the top three bands (top band got to perform in the evening as part of the program) each and every one of them had an amazing musical and educational experience!

See sampling of pictures from competition:

View the embedded image gallery online at:

To view more of the pictures from the competition,  Click HERE

We hope to have a video of their performance available soon!

THANK YOU to the parents who supported this trip, to the students who practiced so hard, and our directors for inspiring us!! 

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 Music Trip to Boston - 2016

Saturday, March 5 (Day 3) and Sunday, March 6 (Day 4)

Check out our group photo for the trip, below.  How many of the kids do you recognize?  And can you find all 5 of the CHS staff members who went on the trip?

Saturday was another super-packed day!  We started with clinics at the Berklee College of Music.  It was a truly amazing experience for the kids, as they met with superb clinicians who were not only technically tops in their field, but also inspiring in so many ways. 

Each of the various ensembles were able to work with different clinicians from Berklee - experts in their respective fields.  

For example the Wind Ensemble worked with Dave B. Harris, an associate-professor at Berklee, who teaches harmony, arranging, and coaching ensembles, and who is also a professional, working musician. Our students were completely captivated by his energy, enthusiasm and his philosophy of playing "scary".  His premise is that performers need to play their very best each time they perform (playing "on the edge", in his words), in order to "connect" with the audience.  In just over an hour, there was a remarkable improvement in our students.  Upon completion of the clinic, one of the students immediately asked, "how can we take one of your classes?"

And, this is just one example of the high quality of clinicians coaching our kids.

Next was lunch in Boston, near Berklee, then on to the New England Aquarium in the afternoon.  The group picture above, was taken right outside of the Aquarium.   

We had dinner at a local seafood restaurant close to the water, and finished the (long!) day with an incredible concert at the Boston Symphony at night. Needless to say, everyone was exhausted by end of day!

Sunday, we were able to have a more relaxed morning, not needing to board buses until 9:30am!  We spent a couple of hours at the Museum of Science (some of the adults enjoyed it as much as the kids.....), then headed to Boston Common for lunch and for last minute sight seeing and/or eating and/or shopping!  Two groups headed to the airport by 2:45pm, and the 3rd group made a dash for Harvard to visit that most historic of colleges.  We all made it home late Sunday night (or very early Monday morning for the last flight), exhausted, but with lots of great memories and hopefully some new-found skills, techniques, ideas to try out/incorporate.  ...And now, back to school!

Check out the the gallery of photos following.  We hope to have some videos soon as well, so check back! 

View the embedded image gallery online at:

Boston Trip 2016_day 2 PDF Print E-mail

 Music Trip to Boston - 2016

Friday, March 4 (Day 2):

The day started (early!) with the Freedom Trail Walking Tour (including Boston Garden, Mass. State House, King's Chapel, Old State House - site of Boston Massacre, and more!)  While lunching at Faneuil Hall, we got to see SNOW!  It was just very light flakes, but this was the first falling snow that several of the students (and maybe a chaperone or two) had ever seen.  

Next, it was on to Boston University, for a meeting with the Admissions Coordinator (Margaret Rowley) of their BU College of Fine Arts/School of Music.  In addition to providing info on what it takes to get into a highly selective program such as this one, and describing the many options available for prospective Music students the students also got personalized tours from several current BU students. (So amazing to see 119 practice rooms!)  

Then Maestoso and Vivace got a special clinic in the beautiful Marsh Chapel, the gothic style chapel which is a working place of worship.  Check the link below for a sampling of the lovely singing.

<music link to be added>

At the same time, the Orchestra group traveled to Boston Symphony Hall, where they were lucky enough to meet with Dr. Chang, award-winning conductor currently serving as lecturer in Orchestral Conducting at BU, and also Assistant professor at Berklee College of Music.

Next, the Wind Ensemble got a very special treat, PERFORMING ONSTAGE at magnificent and historical Boston Symphony Hall main stage!  As Mr. Barroll explained to the students, they should take a moment to savor the moment, absorbing the fact that they were actually playing on the SAME stage where the likes of Leonard Bernstein and so many famous musicians had performed in the past.


Clinic and special Master Class by Clint Foreman, second flute with the Boston Symphony since 2011, was extraordinary.  The students were inspired listening to his superb flute performance, and even more so by his inspiring story of his personal perseverance about how he joined the Boston Symphony.

View the embedded image gallery online at:

Boston Trip 2016_day 1 PDF Print E-mail

Thursday, March 3 (Day 1)

The trip to Boston got off to a fabulous, if tiring start, after "red eye" flights from LAX into Boston, arriving in the wee hours of Thursday morning.  

These hardy students from the Maestoso, Vivace, Orchestra and Wind Ensemble groups (and the exhausted parent and staff chaperones) braved the Boston cold so they could hit the highlights of Harvard, Quincy Market, Plimoth Plantation, Plimoth Rock, Copley Square, Boston Public Library, Trinity Church, and the Boston Symphony! 

And all of this with very little (if any) sleep the night before.

It was a beautiful, clear and brisk day at Plimoth Plantation, with the bay in the background.  

The kids were still pretty alert at this stage....

Following are a sampling of pictures from Day 1:


View the embedded image gallery online at:

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